Chronicles of Terror. Volume 7. Victims of the deadly medicine

Chronicles of Terror. Volume 7. Victims of the deadly medicine
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This volume of "Chronicles of Terror" is the last of three devoted to Auschwitz-Birkenau. The accounts gathered here concern the fates of victims of German camp doctors. The testimonies describe not only the experiments conducted on camp inmates, but also the involvement of German medical staff in murdering prisoners and selecting them for gassing. At the same time, the witnesses depict the efforts of Polish doctors and nurses who sought to provide aid to their fellow prisoners.

The personal testimonies of former prisoners allow us to give voice to individual victims of Nazi totalitarianism, and such materials are considerably more compelling than dry statistics. These accounts present the unique experiences and different fates of their authors, who included not only Jewish and Polish citizens of the prewar Polish Republic, but also civilians from other countries of occupied Europe.

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Autor Multiple authors
Rok wydania 2020
Liczba stron 244
Oprawa Miękka ze skrzydełkami
Format 170 x 250 mm
ISBN 978-83-66340-12-1
Author Multiple authors
Publication year 2020
Pages 244
Binding Paperback
Dimensions 170 x 250 mm
ISBN 978-83-66340-12-1

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